Club Casio's latest, Judah

Sultry, Contemplative, and Confidently dazed. Club Casios come forth with their new single "Judah". Embodying their usual elements of a solid percussive section, dotted with brass overtones and surreal synth chords, the song is rooted in their style. However there is a certainty in the unknown that is made clear through the track.

Club Casios (formerly known as Casios Clay) is a recording project by 21-year-old Sydney locals Tom Clarke and Reg Oke who have been producing music together for 2 years. In many ways Club Casios can be viewed as a brand rather than a band, taking inspiration from the Gorrilaz and Daft Punk, they have crafted an identity for pop appeal, allowing the musical and artistic direction to drive their identity rather than their own personalities.

‘Judah’ tells the story of the blurry mix of emotions felt from being overseas, excitement and wonder coupled with the bittersweet melancholy from being apart from friends and loved ones. 

Check the video out below.


Stefan OzichComment