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Stefan Ozich

Stefan Ozich

MC / DJ / Producer / Photographer

Ph: 021 0244 9690

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My name is Stefan Ozich, I'm a 23 year-old artist currently practising in Music and Photography. I’m the youngest from a family of 6 siblings.

I've always been into music since I can remember, always listening and hearing my dad’s music he played on road trips down to Wellington. My most vivid memories are of my eldest brother who would always be playing sounds from his room. I was exposed to new lyrical deliveries and styles of music which soon progressed with me digging into those sounds more, which led me to artists who I still listen to now -raiding his iTunes library allowed this to be the case. As time went on I would be listening and finding new music regularly and this began my journey.

For something that is always changing and maturing, its hard to pinpoint my style. I’m still figuring it out, working to create an experience that is ME. My styles that I would describe closest to me would be a mixture of hip hop, jazz, and alternative. I strive to push beyond what I'm used to and how I go about producing that piece of work. I also practice film photography - which is actually going to be exhibited this Friday at Lowtide. Pushing myself creatively is a huge focus, so I do that by shooting film, designing, drawing, writing poetry, and singing. I aim to immerse myself in these mediums constantly to expand myself and my artistic output. 

In the studio I'm never without my pen, my writing book, and Ableton. When creating beats I'm scribbling ideas, and if I hear a sound I like it begins to stem ideas. From there it builds upto a track that is cohesive. I listen to it for the feeling I get - either goosebumps, or my gut turns, or my mind begins creating cathartic moments.  When writing lyrics, they stem from an emotional state - a personal experience or a direct message that I can better articulate versus the sonic expression of my beats. This comes from a different part of me that is more focused on directly informing the listener through my words and how they're delivered. The most challenging part of my process is staying disciplined, efficient and creating personal deadlines. This is a continuous task as I'm constantly evolving.

I look for inspiration through people, objects, conversation, film, and fashion which I genuinely gain something from. That could be a feeling of worth, understanding a mood, or simply allowing me to better understand who I am and what I can do. This comes in so may forms and is almost infinite, so learning to filter these allows me to refine what I'm gaining from that inspiration and how I can incorporate that into my works.

The common message I try to share with my music is to 'be you, truely be you'. Look at yourself in the mirror, smile, and if you can't then ask yourself why. Then begin to dig deeper and discover what you have to offer and how you can offer it. I strive to tell my experience, my thoughts and opinions in hope of making people feel good, feel they are loved, and feel that they can make a difference. The proudest moment I've had to date was having a stranger come up to me after a gig and say, "Keep going bro, keep doing this."

As the reality of me leaving to Europe grows nearer, it's been chaos and order. Setting areas of my life in order, only for other aspects to fall off. My "creating" has been put on hold as I'm in a surreal headspace, challenging me to have the right frame of mind and even motivation to produce something. I've really acknowledged this and I'm learning to rest into it without being too hard on myself. I'm aiming to really refine myself and my sound while I'm over there, and push it both internationally and back home. Let's just say life's a roller coaster right now!

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