A Groovy Blend

While taking the big move over to Europe, currently based in London, i've myself immersed in tranquil side streets, textured buildings and the infectious british accent that i cant ever finding myself getting sick of. 

One of my outings yesterday consisted of checking our Soho. I had been recommended, then found myself at one of the popular record stores, Phonica. Instantly clicking with one of the assistants he ended up giving me massive piles of records to check out, spending about 1.5 hours there I stumbled across one that really stood out, Hugo LX.

This mans music is a perfect blend of smooth jazz, sweet percussions and groovy house. Absolutely nailing it with this approach, progressions, drum programming along side his overall sonic warmness. Release under Motor City Drum Ensemble, this EP is a sure treat to take you through your day and definitely bring those exaggerated hand gestures alongside the smile that paints your face once your taken by his sweet melodies.

Check his Soundcloud and Bandcamp to keep up to date with his new goodies.

Have a listen below and let us know what you think!

Peace //




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