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After finishing 2017 with a NYE set at Rhythm and Vines, Round Buddah took a hiatus to focus on writing and honing their craft. The time has come for the Auckland based, hip hop/neo-soul group to share a more refined sound with their followers through their ‘Acting Strange’ dual single release.

'Acting Strange' touches on themes of love, falling in love, the connections manifested from love and what exactly it entails, while battling with fate and destiny that ensues. Presented from two different narratives that share a similarity - basing it from a connection to an object and human while being lost in their own questions.

The second single, 'Keep Me Warm', offers a juxtaposed narrative to its predecessor. Based off a different realm of 'love', a more instant gratification of love, feeling someone love you, but only for a short frame of time, generally one night.

Both tracks offer the range and maturity of the sound conjured up from Round Buddah. The sound is now becoming solidified and projected into the right direction showcasing glimpses of Neo soul, Hip Hop and little hints of Funk. All the right ingredients for a stellar lineup of talented and meticulous musicians.

Keep an eye out for what we're cooking up with them later in the month.



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