Rhythm Section's (UK) latest offering

London based record label Rhythm Section, serve us another delightful sonic slice of a delectable, musical goodness.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, this duo - String Theory grace our ears with Modularity. A 4 track release exploring a deep, groovy, funky and often gritty sound, working to embody the spirit of the river bank's of West Central Scotland.

Capturing a modern take on Funk merged with a deep rooted sweet Techno that is very hard to miss. With the bouncing drum's and sweet melodic song structures this really sets a mood for a warm evening at home with friend's or for a long night out in the club's that serve that good kind of music. 

Whatever the setting, this music will emphasize the vibe and create the environment to settle in and get down, or get up - whatever your feeling.

Check the release on Rhythm Section's Bandcamp page. Remember support these artist's, where in turn your supporting yourself.