Magichollow Releases Made by Magic


Lowtide resident Zoë McNicholas released her rework line “Made By Magic” with Magichollow today. She's been a part of our collective since the St Kevin's days, and even back then could be seen scheming designs for upcoming collections in our dingy underground basement. From one windowless room to another, she's now found herself situated in Vulcan lane working as Magic's in-house designer and sole seamstress.



This new collection features 90’s favourites such as Adidas, Champion and Ralph Lauren, and flips the idea of vintage streetwear on its head. She's turned Adidas track pants into bandeaus, combined Champion hoodies of multiple colourways into a cohesive piece, and cut Ralph Lauren business shirts into tailored, feminine silhouettes. 

We've seen a resurgence of 90's fashion recently, so it's interesting to see the demand be tackled in a different, restorative way. With many Opshop finds being battered and bruised after years of abuse and neglect, this method of embellishing imperfections of pieces that would otherwise not make it to the shop floor really resonates with our ethical and sustainable ethos. 

This wont be the last you see from Zoë, but in any case, hit the button below to head over to Magichollow's website and see the collection in full.