I remember hearing of his death, but didn't think anything of it. The name somehow remained and so did that title, 'Donuts'. I never thought anything of it, until maybe 2 years ago, I pressed play on J Dilla's Donuts. I was extremely high on THC and was listening in a dark room with headphones. Possibly the most surreal, greatest experience my ears have ever encountered. Listening to the song 'Waves' and feeling the emotions and vibrations that were surging through my body and ears gave me butterflies.

Hearing his sound made me appreciate how it was so unique and crafted so perfectly. The way he cuts up his samples and elegantly layers the drum patterns on top of some subtle percussion - bliss.

Point I'm making - J Dilla is (arguably some would say) the greatest hard working producer who ever graced our planet. Today is his birthday and I thought to give an ode to one of the greats was only fair.

Look up his music, listen to it, study it, learn from it. His output was amazing and has blessed the ears of millions of listeners around the world.

Here's a toast to the great.

Bless up brother, your energy will live on and inspire for generations.

Peace >> 

Stefan OzichComment