Lowtide x YAYNE

Meet soul singer & song writer YAYNE. We chatted to her ahead of her live show at Lowtide this Friday for an insight into her latest projects. Set to put on a stellar show, we can't wait to hear her perform alongside Native B and Sioness for a night of soul and female energy!


Where are you from and how has that influenced your art?

I grew up in the east suburbs of Christchurch from a pretty low socioeconomic family, so I had to do a lot of fending for myself growing up. This has influenced my art in so many more ways than I ever could’ve imagined… the good and the bad. I guess for the most part it was my number one influence and motivator to sing. It made me feel empowered, happy, free, and like I had a purpose. So now to be able to sing on stage with other incredible musicians and to then have that resonate with and move other people is humbling, and a dream come true really. It helps me to enjoy and appreciate what I love and have the opportunity to do, and just to have fun with it :)

So, how would you try to define the kind of music you make?

I would say it’s whatever I’m feeling influenced by in the initial moment… I love a massive range of music and I think that reflects in my own. Sometimes I wanna do motown, or something bluesy, something alternative/bass heavy/balad… could be anything! haha, but I’d say my vocal style is a blend of r&b, soul, and jazz.

What projects have you released so far?

My first solo body of work ‘Simple Pleasure’ was released early this year and is an EP themed around love and transformation, with self love being at the core of that. It was written at a time where I had a lot of emotional turmoil going on in my life… several kinds of grief, but it really gave me something to focus on, a creative outlet, and although it isn’t perfect I’m really stoked I managed to get it out in the end! We had a few technical glitches that stalled us along the way haha. And I love being able to embody them live… that’s the fun part!

Aside from that I’ve worked on a wide range of colabs… Truth, Kamandi, Melodownz, Tom Scott, Raiza Biza, Rizvan… just to name a few. Check out my sound cloud page ;)

What kind of creative process do you find most useful in making your music?

My most useful creative process would be acting on inspiration when it strikes, creating the bulk/core of something when you’re feeling it, so you can capture what it is in the moment. I like to play demos and ideas I have back to me in a car or my headphones… gain a different perspective and see what comes to me. But yeah, it’s writing that lyric that comes to your head, recording that sound or beat or melody, recording the harmonies, all that stuff… doing it then and there when it comes to you.

As far as Auckland and Wellington go, what sort of differences have you noticed in what people are into, is there a difference?

It seems like there’s a pretty big difference in mindset between the two. Wellington has this vibe of really encouraging and supporting creative diversity, I feel like people here are a lot more down to earth. Auckland has some really exciting things happening too, I just feel like the different scenes there are a little more close-minded. Wellington seems to really appreciate the real.

If there was one artist you’d be into doing a collab with currently who would it be?

Ooooh… hard one haha, international or local?! I’m gonna go out and say Nai Palm. She’s rad. And I love someone with integrity, that woman has a story to tell. I respect that. Plus she’s one of the most incredible and moving singers I’ve ever heard live. Makes it look too damn easy! haha.

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See Yayne live this Friday 10th November at Lowtide.

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