Lowtide x Carb on Carb

Last Friday Lowtide listeners had the pleasure of seeing Auckland punk-duo Carb on Carb play at the studio ! We sat down with James and Nicole for a quick catch up ahead of their performance. 


Tell us about yourself and what you're up to tonight ? 

N: We're a duo called Carb on Carb, and we're really excited to be performing at Lowtide tonight with My Anatomy, Iris G and Harry Parsons ! We've been super busy and this will be our first gig in six months so we can't wait to play ! 

J: ...and we're playing tonight as a fundraiser for our tour of North America! 

N: Yes - We head of to the States next week for 3 weeks starting in LA ! 

Since starting out in 2011, how do you feel you've grown ? 

J: I think with our current music we are definitely where we want to be. We've finally hit the spot with our writing and our sound. We experimented for a long time in the beginning, and made less serious references to pop culture...like with our song about the Jonas Bros. 

N: (Laughs) Yeah! Now we've grown to be more vulnerable and are able to connect with ourselves on a more deep and personal level. 


Which track are you most proud of on the album ? 

N: Definitely Mitimiti - its a place up north and it has really special memories tied to it ! The song is really edgy and loud, and takes us right back to being there with friends! It's got good vibes! 

Describe the experience of playing tonight on  K rd and what you hope people will take away ?

N: K'Rd is a special place - it's changed a lot, but in some ways still the same. I've been playing gigs here since the age of 16 and seen many artist studio's pop up then go away. But that's become the nature of what makes these places cool to play at ! Places like Lowtide feel more authentic and underground compared to the hype surrounding neighbouring venues. 

J: And we like playing all ages gigs too ! That way everyone can experience our music! 

What's next for Carb on Carb? 

We're excited to announce we'll be releasing our new album when we return from our American tour - the date is yet to be confirmed but watch this space! 


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