Lowtide x Round Buddah

Last Friday Round Buddah hit us with their first EP release - and what a hell of a night it was ! We sat down with singer Jackson Lester ahead of the gig for the low down on what's to come.

Photos: Karen den Hollander


Introduce us to Round Buddah and what you’re up to tonight?

Round Buddah consists of Holly Afoa, Sam Nash, Chris Townsend, Tom Taylor and myself. We released the EP on Monday through Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc, and tonight we’re celebrating the work we put in. We've got those who played a part in putting the EP together here tonight to play it live and celebrate finishing this piece of music.

And this is your first EP?

Yeah this is the first release from us. In the build up to the release we let out a couple singles - 'Rejected' and 'Heroine' - but its only 5 tracks so almost half of the EP was already out haha. It's cool to get the ball rolling on a project, definitely going to start on another very soon.

Has it been quite a long process with this EP?

Yes and no, I mean the tracks have been done for quite a while, but spent a fair few weeks on writing each one. We took three or four days to record but while you're there you come up with new additions to put in each track. But yeah the mastered tracks sat there for a couple of months before we got round to the admin of getting them out. 

We worked on it at Depot Sound Studio, a dope spot out the back of Depot Art Space in Devonport. Our mate Morgan Allen, a part of LAKES, recorded with us the whole time. He was the sole engineer working on it which was cool to have that continuity of sound. When we needed to add some more layers, Michael Howell and Sean Martin-Buss - who are playing tonight - helped out on a couple of the tracks. We had a couple brief jams with both of them before heading to the studio, but a lot of their parts were thought up on the fly.  Morgan is super on to it with everything which made the whole process really enjoyable.


What was your vision for the EP?

This was a bit of a chicken and the egg operation. We had various tracks mostly complete, then picked the 5 that went well together and developed from there. Our name for the EP surprisingly came from the artwork, thanks Tyrone Layne, which was full of people and trees. Once we thought about it for a second, this tied in perfectly with the theme of the tracks - basically the portrayal of people dealing with their surrounding environment. We did have some other contenders for the EP title including, "Sex, Drugs, and Global Warming", "Lunch EP", "Breakfast for Dinner?" haha, but despite all the thought that went into it - the final vision was realised at the end of the process.

What would be your favourite track ?

Friday - the final song on the EP and its about to pop off. Holly came to the band with the skeleton of the song, a verse and chorus, "on Friday, diesel clouds pray on Sunday. mumma low low till its pay day. Mr magic never turned up, rely on dust to get turnt up" -  and I just interpreted that as like...drugs. So I based my verse around trying to score and just being real dry, something relatable - “Try think of dudes that I used to hang with. I haven't seen you since primary school but by the way do you know who’s in and ahhh are you speaking my language?" - but yeah I'm a big fan of all the tracks but Friday would be the top pick.

What are you looking forward to about tonight?

Packing out the venue with sold out tickets - hopefully everyone turns up and just enjoys the sweatbox that is Lowtide. The place has dope vibes. It's our first time playing here so pretty excited in general. From what I've seen it's a chilled out space run by a collective of young artists who are keen to collaborate. It's not super fancy with all the bells and whistles, but it has exactly what you need. It's the vibe, the 'mabo' if you will.

Top 5 dead or alive ? 

Nas | Biggie | Joey Badass | Kendrick | Tom Scott

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