Just last night as I was in deep in a musical session, both under the influence and under a hazy red light, I thought when will Ashes Holland (WhyFi) release a project? I pondered then my mind went and latched onto another random thought that then spiraled to something i've now forgotten about. Point i'm making is that thought has now come reality, I've now flicked and seen a release by WhyFi which seems to be the songs that didnt make the cut for his debut forthcoming album under The Grow Room.

With his progressive experimental sound touching on surfer rock, funk, jazz, hiphop and beat type music, I am happy to be immersed in this LP taking me forward for my day ahead.

Shout outs to the bro WhyFi with this (for me) long awaited release. Now im super keen for the album release.

Peep the release here, enjoy.

Peace //

Stefan OzichComment