The title says it all, I've been posting a few Joran Rakei posts lately, I mean you cant blame me. Something that has been in the works as of late, involving Tom going on a mission to create and feed amazing music. These two have sure got some dynamics going on, this is very obvious listening to this track.

SBTV - "Today we’re excited to launch a brand new series titled ‘The Experiment.’ For this, we locked one of our favourite producers in a studio with a few randomers, all with an aim of making some nang music.

Alongside offering up the music courtesy of our friends at Apple Music, we took on a documentary role for this one, giving you a window into the usually hidden creative process of an artist. Above all, what we found most exciting, was the opportunity to forge a few unlikely musical partnerships and release some great music as a result.

Listen to this below, and see what you think. Ultimately this is them jamming out, and this is the result - bliss. 

Peace >> 

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