Memorable Experiences From Affsid's Beautiful Mind

Affsid Kidjhagiffy has finally put out a decent ( and amazing ) body of work under Cosmic Compositions. Titled 'Memorable Experiences From The Appliance Store' ; it truly is a memorable experience listening to this art piece. 

Affsid is a human I have personally got to know over the last 2 and half years and being able to see ever so slightly into how his mind works was a wonderful experience. Even us just having a 'smoke', talking life or just making music I can really enjoy his presence. His heart, soul and of course Affsid went into this project and it truly encapsulates his growing attitude towards music and the false bounds that attaches itself. 

Truely give this a listen and appreciate his ability and style.

To Affsid, thankyou brother. 

Peace >> 

Stefan Ozich1 Comment