Drown Your Earbuds

KING KRULE aka Archy Marshall aka djjdsports dropped this beautiful album, A New Place 2 Drown on us in the last couple weeks of 2015 and after having it in constant rotation since, I can safely say its the most exciting and inspiring album I have heard in recent memory. He has an amazing talent to create amazing soundscapes from track one right through to the closer, with standouts along the way in the form of Ammi Ammi (feat. Jamie Isaac), Buffed Sky and Eye's Drift. 

Personally, I find it super difficult to fault the entire album. I can only advise you listen to it many times through - it'll be good for your health.

Stream it through Spotify and cop it on iTunes or Amazon and be sure to check out the ANP2D website Archy has done with his brother Jack, complete with a book of their illustrations, pure illness!

Freddie WilliamsonComment