FKA Twigs Launches AVANTgarden

The latest from FKA Twigs is not a new single but instead  "AVANTgarden" - a new online magazine exclusive to Instagram. FKA explained, "I thought it would spark a conversation. I think for me it’s my way of interacting with people that follow me in an honest way without me cringing at myself. Because it is cringe sometimes. Why not create something that can bring an artistic community together?"

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Lowtide Chats: Two Cartoons

Lowtide had the pleasure of hosting Two Cartoons as they released their newest single "Hospitality" yesterday! The coffee grinding, burrito-making duo by day and pop-rock sensation by night, Isaac and Brad, accompanied by Jamie and KIeran of SPAWTS, gave us the low down on what inspired their motivations for the song. 


I: We'd just finished our tour in April and returned home to our hospo, rent-paying jobs - and I thought to myself  "Oh god I'm back here again" -  so we got writing together at the Mt Wellington flat, and within the week put together the single. It's about working in hospitality to pay rent while doing art but you end up just doing hospitality most of the time! Also it seems completely fine when you enter hospitality... until its completely not fine,  and you end up being this horrible jaded person who can smile in any situation. 

B: We've both worked in bars and cafes but we've come to realise working in bars takes up our evenings - especially if we want to perform music. So  I make coffee, Issac makes burritos. 

I: Healthy burritos! The first gig we played it at, the sound engineer said he really liked our set and described us as a "Country Blink-182" which I think is predominantly because of Hospitality - definitely the best compliment we’ve had in awhile. 

B: We've only played it a couple times and for our close friends in Dunedin so it's very new for tonight's crowd! 

I: This will be ahead of our EP release in November, and the new album next year.  

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Lowtide Chats: Carb on Carb

Last Friday Lowtide listeners had the pleasure of seeing Auckland punk-duo Carb on Carb play at the studio ! We sat down with James and Nicole for a quick catch up ahead of their performance. 


Tell us about yourself and what you're up to tonight ? 

N: We're a duo called Carb on Carb, and we're really excited to be performing at Lowtide tonight with My Anatomy, Iris G and Harry Parsons ! We've been super busy and this will be our first gig in six months so we can't wait to play ! 

J: ...and we're playing tonight as a fundraiser for our tour of North America! 

N: Yes - We head of to the States next week for 3 weeks starting in LA ! 

Since starting out in 2011, how do you feel you've grown ? 

J: I think with our current music we are definitely where we want to be. We've finally hit the spot with our writing and our sound. We experimented for a long time in the beginning, and made less serious references to pop with our song about the Jonas Bros. 

N: (Laughs) Yeah! Now we've grown to be more vulnerable and are able to connect with ourselves on a more deep and personal level. 


Which track are you most proud of on the album ? 

N: Definitely Mitimiti - its a place up north and it has really special memories tied to it ! The song is really edgy and loud, and takes us right back to being there with friends! It's got good vibes! 

Describe the experience of playing tonight on  K rd and what you hope people will take away ?

N: K'Rd is a special place - it's changed a lot, but in some ways still the same. I've been playing gigs here since the age of 16 and seen many artist studio's pop up then go away. But that's become the nature of what makes these places cool to play at ! Places like Lowtide feel more authentic and underground compared to the hype surrounding neighbouring venues. 

J: And we like playing all ages gigs too ! That way everyone can experience our music! 

What's next for Carb on Carb? 

We're excited to announce we'll be releasing our new album when we return from our American tour - the date is yet to be confirmed but watch this space! 


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For those who have realistic encounters with dreams depicting hardships, sadness, loss but then on the other hand experience happiness, love and a sense of freedom. Far Too Kind has worked to create this experience we all as humans have, but as an audible cohesive story.

From the first track and the dark undertone its expressing, to the last track and its lighter contrast. Each track is a step away form the bad dreams and takes you to the positive sweet dreams, with each dream taking you deeper to your personal self. 

For what track you relate to the most, that maybe where you are in your stage in life. Just know, we as humans move and grow, not every bad dream stays bad for good.

Thank you brother - adding more goodness to the ever growing sea of art.

Peace >>


I remember hearing of his death, but didn't think anything of it. The name somehow remained and so did that title, 'Donuts'. I never thought anything of it, until maybe 2 years ago, I pressed play on J Dilla's Donuts. I was extremely high on THC and was listening in a dark room with headphones. Possibly the most surreal, greatest experience my ears have ever encountered. Listening to the song 'Waves' and feeling the emotions and vibrations that were surging through my body and ears gave me butterflies.

Hearing his sound made me appreciate how it was so unique and crafted so perfectly. The way he cuts up his samples and elegantly layers the drum patterns on top of some subtle percussion - bliss.

Point I'm making - J Dilla is (arguably some would say) the greatest hard working producer who ever graced our planet. Today is his birthday and I thought to give an ode to one of the greats was only fair.

Look up his music, listen to it, study it, learn from it. His output was amazing and has blessed the ears of millions of listeners around the world.

Here's a toast to the great.

Bless up brother, your energy will live on and inspire for generations.

Peace >> 


The brothers Maurice Miller and Jamie Pyne get together and dress up for a interview conducted by Noisey. Its runs through their creativity, their jobs and their current situation placed in soceitys inner workings.

Read the article here and listen to their music too, its dope. On Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify. 




Just last night as I was in deep in a musical session, both under the influence and under a hazy red light, I thought when will Ashes Holland (WhyFi) release a project? I pondered then my mind went and latched onto another random thought that then spiraled to something i've now forgotten about. Point i'm making is that thought has now come reality, I've now flicked and seen a release by WhyFi which seems to be the songs that didnt make the cut for his debut forthcoming album under The Grow Room.

With his progressive experimental sound touching on surfer rock, funk, jazz, hiphop and beat type music, I am happy to be immersed in this LP taking me forward for my day ahead.

Shout outs to the bro WhyFi with this (for me) long awaited release. Now im super keen for the album release.

Peep the release here, enjoy.

Peace //

all our music - in one place

Hey all,

Its been a while since we have posted, so in saying that we will remind you of our Bandcamp, with all of our discography and what is yet to come.

This music has been curated and made to inspire and motivate. Changing peoples perspectives and attitudes towards music and creativity as a whole.

Check the Bandcamp here, and dig in - we hope you enjoy.

Peace >>